Friday, 23 August 2013

Hexamob Recovery PRO * ROOT * v5.0

Requirements: 2.3.3+

YOU MUST BE SUPERUSER (ROOT) ON YOUR PHONE! (Only superuser can access to data blocks).
* Support Android 2.3.x (gingerbread) or later.
* Compatible with smartphones and tablets.
* Support many file types.
* Support vfat and ext2,ext3,ext4 filesystems.
* Support USB storage devices.
Recovery depends on the state of the data blocks of the deleted files. Deleted files with overwritten data blocks will not be recovered.

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Ninja SMS v1.6.0


  • Multiple floating windows at the same time
  • Drag and drop windows anywhere with ease
  • Collapse mode helps minimize popups for easy access anytime
  • Notification animation for new incoming messages in minimized chat windows
  • Maximize mode allows you to switch to full texting mode in an instant
  • Transparency mode to help you view other windows in the background as you read and reply to messages
  • Settings panel lets you control which contacts the app will show popups for
  • 1 easy switch to enable and disable anytime
  • Efficient battery usage so you can keep the popups open as long as you want
  • Elegant design and graphics
Ninja SMS lets you have similar popup features as Facebook's new "Chat Heads" feature without needing to replace your current launcher. Plus, we support all phones 2.2+ already :) (including HD devices such as Samsung Galaxy S 4, Sony Z, HTC One X etc.)

With your support we're planning on providing many more features in the future:
  • Custom themes and colors for popup windows
  • MMS and file transfer support
  • Facebook messaging integration
  • Ninja SMS uses your phone carrier's normal SMS plan to send messages. Check with your phone carrier for their price offerings
What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 22, 2013)
  • Anti-NSA mode: Encrypt messages while sending to contacts so your phone carrier or government cannot read them... Ninja Style!
  • Option to save messages on your phone encrypted to prevent other apps reading your messages
  • Emoji Support :)
  • Customize notification sound per contact
  • Added "copy" and "delete message" capability by long pressing on any message
  • Fixed notification sound when opening in non-collapsed mode
  • General bug fixes and improvements
Required Android O/S : 2.2+
Download : Ninja_SMS_v1.6.0

PlayerX Pro Video Player v1.0.4

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Overview: PlayerX Pro- The best video player.I believe we can surprise you again and again.

 Main features:
1) Support multiple languages:German, French, Russian, Polish, English,Chinese(Simplified &Traditional).
2) Multi-floating window : Support multiple floating windows video at the same time
3) Pinch to zoom : Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen.
4) Preview when seeking :Seeking video, it will pop up a small window preview of the video.
5) Hardware decoding: Have the latest hardware decoder, more videos can benefit from hardware acceleration.
6) Multicore & multithreaded decoding: PlayerX Pro is the Android video player which supports multi-core and multithreaded decoding. is a multi-core and multi-threaded decoding video player. Test result proved that dual-core device’s performance is better up to 70% than that of single-core devices.
7) Automatically scan SDCard video files and generate thumbnails.
8) Support for almost all video files such as: avi, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, rm,wmv, 3gp, flac, vob, f4v, 3gp...
9)Android 4.2 - Fully supports Android 4.2 os

What's New

Version 1.0.4 (2013-08-12)
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Add German, French, Russian Polish multiple languages
- Ajust list view style

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Download Instructions:Released by Great Yuki918 from China


ROOT SONY XPERIA Z UlTRA C6802 FW 14.1.B.0.475

First download the necessary software

1. / FlashTool-
2. / Downloaded C6802_14.1.B.0.475_GENERIC Hong Kong.ftf
3. / Platform-tools_r16-windows (extract to C drive)
4. / System.img (copied to the C drive)

* All files you will have to use google *

* Requirements: Machine was unlocked bootloader


Guide root when the machine was running FW14.1.B.0.475

1. / FlashTool- windows

2. / Copy Firmware C6802_14.1.B.0.475_GENERIC Hong Kong.ftf in C: \ FlashTool \ firmwares.

3. / Built-in USB debugging in the Developer option

4. / Shutdown press and hold the volume up button usb plug that lights green when it let go.

5. / Extract the platform-tools_r16-windows, that to the best of your C: drive for easy.

6. / Open cmd.exe (cd \ to return to the root) execute the command CD C: \ platform-tools.

7. / From the DOS prompt, type the command fastboot.exe flash system C: \ system.img you wait a few minutes, when finished it will go back to C: \ platform-tools> you continue typing fastboot. exe then most continue the power button you can see the red charging light off and unplug USB after powering up does not do anything for you always shutdown.

8. / Open Flashtool.exe, click on the lightning bolt just choose flashmode tick the box in section 3 of Section Exclude Wipe off otherwise marked will not be marked.
Then click Flash a few seconds will have instructions (hold volume down shutdown usb cord to see it run FlashTool then let go).

when finished unplug power. OK!

On Google Play, open SuperSU SuperSU to install, upgrade binary file.